You can join us either as

Full-time Employee

Be on the lookout for any new job opening on our website under the updates section.


We hire interns based on need, please look out for any internship opportunities under the updates section.

As partners

Partnership allows us to grow and be the best. We look forward to a partnership to deliver some projects. So, whether you want to partner with us for projects in Bhutan or otherwise. We are open to discussion.
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As Supporters

Your support can help us realize our mission. Reach out to us to conduct research or simply support for a cause. We will ensure that your support will have tangible, verifiable and far-reaching results.
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External Experts

Please send your CV if you feel you can become one of our experts. Empaneled experts will be contacted as and when a project requires such expertise. We are continuously looking for experts and encourage you to apply if you think you are a field expert on anything aligned to our range of services.
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For querries

Get in touch with us for any queries you might have and we will get back to you as soon as wwe can.